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Calamansi is a local fruit that has been farmed in Chanthaburi for over 100 years. It has a unique sweet and sour taste. It contains 10% more vitamin C than lemons. Local homes have been planting them to use for cooking instead of lemons

"Rabbit Chan" then brought the Mapeed that the Chan people plant in their backyards and  create a product that generates income for farmers and communities throughout the year, with us being the leader of farmers in applying for GI registration "Som Mapeed Chanthaburi"

Calamansi Fruit

Calamansi Drink Products


Honey Calamansi (260ml)

Sweet but sour with an aromatic smell that will surely quench your thirst. This drink has 10% more vitamin C than lemonade.


Calamansi Concentrate (260ml)

A calamansi concentrate that can be used to create not only hot and cold drinks, but also be used to create different food and bakery menus


Calamansi Honey 

Concentrate (750ml)

A calamansi concentrate that can be used to create not only hot and cold drinks, but also be used to create different food and bakery menus


Menu  Ideas






Green Tea

Calamansi  Cosmetics

Screenshot 2566-06-01 at 15.39.37.png

Calamansi Bar Soap (100 g.)

Chemical-free bar soap made from calamansi extract


- Helps reduce acne, brighten skin, reduce wrinkles, reduce blemishes, and control oil.

-Reduce inflammation of acne Ready to maintain balance without making the skin dry and tight. Produced within a standard factory, safe to use on the face.

(Sold over 5,000 pieces! )

FDA number 10-1-6100015792

150 baht

Screenshot 2566-06-01 at 15.39.37.png
Screenshot 2566-06-01 at 15.41.04.png

Calamansi Shower

Soap made of calamansi extract

- Suitable for all skin types

- Reduce dark spots and wrinkles

- Helps brighten the skin with natural AHA.

- Hydrates the skin

- Reduce skin oiliness

- Reduce body odor


FDA number 10-1-6100015748

250 baht

Screenshot 2566-06-01 at 15.41.04.png
Screenshot 2566-06-01 at 15.41.46.png

Calamansi Sleeping Mask (15 g.)

It is a cream mask whose main ingredient is water, which quickly restores moisture to the skin, helping to make the skin radiant with natural AHA combined with the work of Vitamin B3, inhibiting the release of melanin cells. The sleeping mask is free from paraben preservatives


How to use: Apply a tiny bit to the skin and leave it on overnight 

Price 450 baht

FDA number 10-1-6105941118

Screenshot 2566-06-01 at 15.41.18.png

Calamansi Shampoo (250ml)

A chemical-free shampoo made from calamansi extract.


- Helps reduce itchy bumps on the scalp

- Helps reduce oiliness on the scalp

- Helps solve dry ends

- Helps solve dandruff issues

- Helps stimulate hair growth

- Leaves your hair smelling fresh like a calamansi


FDA number 10-1-6100062261

Price 250 baht

Screenshot 2566-06-01 at 15.42.21.png

Calamansi Lotion (750ml)

A lotion that is made from organic calamansi extract to help hydrate your skin, reliving you of the dry patches.

Screenshot 2566-06-01 at 15.42.21.png

Where  to buy

Lemon Farm




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